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Grassini Family Vineyards, renowned for their exquisite wines, have partnered with Elegance Creative, a premier video production agency, to craft a captivating visual experience for the upcoming release of their flagship wine the Pinnacle Cabernet Sauvignon. This release for Fall 2023-2024 promises to be a testament to both the vineyard's dedication to winemaking excellence and Elegance Creative's dedication to storytelling through video production.

We set out creating videos using our arsenal of drones, 4K cameras, audio & lighting equipment set in Happy Canyon about 30 minutes from Santa Barbara, CA.

The first video offers an intimate look into the realm of Brad, the master winemaker responsible for crafting The Pinnacle Cabernet. Katie Grassini, the CEO, radiates enthusiasm as she shares her anticipation surrounding the release.
We began our production in the picturesque Santa Ynez at sunrise, capturing breathtaking drone shots of the serene Happy Canyon. We equipped Katie and Brad with microphones for an interview session set in the villa. Their narrative took us from their initial meeting to Brad's celebrated 6th vintage, with a special emphasis on the story behind the Pinnacle Cabernet, the video's focal point. We spent quality time filming with Katie and Brad throughout the vineyard, capturing scenes from the barrel room, the tasting area, the iconic pond, and the panoramic hilltop views of Happy Canyon. The golden hours of sunrise and sunset were key in achieving the cinematic quality of our shots. Below, we've attached some frames from the video
The sequel video delves deep into the narrative of The Pinnacle Cabernet, an emblematic bottle sourced from the choicest grapes of Happy Canyon, specifically from the elevated terrains of the Grassini Hilltop. Brad shares the science and distinct characteristics that make this wine exceptional. Throughout the video, we are treated to picturesque vistas of the vineyard and intimate tasting sessions led by Katie and Deen, the driving forces behind Grassini Family Vineyards.
At the picturesque Grassini vineyards, we meticulously timed our production to capture the most cinematic moments within the golden hour of sunset. Meeting an hour prior with Dean & Katie ensured that every minute on set was used to its fullest potential. The results were breathtaking. The presence of both of them, along with their delightful pup, added a touch of warmth and authenticity to our shots. The Pinnacle Cabernet Sauvignon was elegantly showcased, becoming the star amidst the backdrop of the iconic Grassini pond and the rustic charm of the barn. Our day culminated in the perfect manner, toasting to our successes with a fine bottle of wine, a generous gift from the Grassini family.

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