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Scooter Braun 
Republic Records

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Video Production
Photography / Graphic Design
Social Media Strategy

Creative Team
Parsa Ara
Aidan Minton
Kevin Bressler
Zino De Groot
Social House came to Elegance Creative to grow their social media during the Sweetener World Tour. We spent the year traveling with Social House and Ariana Grande creating engaging content to amplify their digital footprint. 

We set out creating a vast pool of multimedia to grow their channels ranging from:
Show Recaps  - Album Covers - Photography - Lyric videos - Behind the scenes

Show Recaps
During Sweetener World Tour, we captured Social House's performances across a myriad of locations, spanning from U.S. states like California, New York, and Texas to European countries including the UK, France, and Germany
With over 100 shows, we promptly delivered high-energy, fast-paced recaps on show nights for immediate exposure. 
Our authentic behind-the-scenes glimpses into tour life resonated deeply with fans. This led to longer recap videos on YouTube and shorter, impactful clips on Instagram, all of which were met with overwhelming fan appreciation.
Upon joining Social House's team at 31,000 followers, we elevated their presence to over 300,000 across social platforms in just a year.
Social House's "Haunt You" Lyric Video Production
Commissioned by Republic Label, we had a tight 4-day window to conceptualize, film, and edit the lyric video for Social House's touching track, "Haunt You." The song holds deep personal significance: Mikey dedicated his verses to his cherished sister, while Scootie sang for his dear father.
Our aim was to encapsulate the song's profound meaning visually. With a show in Pittsburgh, we could film at their childhood homes and iconic city spots, including the Civic Arena, Penn Hills, and McKeesport, PA. Ariana Grande's ethereal background vocals added an angelic touch to the track.
The editing took place overnight on our tour bus en route to New York. As of October 2023, the video proudly boasts over 583,000 views.
Behind the Scenes: Ariana Grande & Social House's "Boyfriend"
Entrusted by Scooter Braun, we crafted the official behind-the-scenes glimpse of Ariana Grande and Social House's "Boyfriend" music video. Filmed in a captivating magic castle in New York, the project showcased intricate stunts, advanced camera techniques, and stellar cinematography from Hannah Lux Davis and team that produced this Music Video.

This video boasts 193,000 views (10/23)
Designing "Everything Changed" Social House's EP 
Social House, embarked on a transformative journey from the nostalgic streets of Pittsburgh to the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles. Their story needed a visual representation that resonated with their evolution and connected with their fans on a deeper level. The cover showcases the duo gazing through a transparent pane, with "The Library" - a significant food spot from their Pittsburgh days - in the backdrop. This design serves a dual purpose: paying homage to their roots and introducing their album, "And We Never Saw It Coming."
We developed four unique video games inspired by arcade classics such as Batman, Tropical Angel, and Street Fighter. Fans can play as characters Mikey and Scootie, game sequences were repurposed into dynamic visual backdrops for Spotify streams and visualizers, offering a multi-dimensional fan experience. Dream come true to design the cover for an Ariana Grande song, Boyfriend. 
Cinema Footage with Red Komodo 

Opted for a cinema camera for the last leg of the Europe tour, ensuring 4K cinema-grade footage. This choice ensured that the captured moments were of the highest quality, suitable for diverse uses ranging from immediate social content to potential commercials and documentaries.
While the primary aim was to gather footage for long-term projects, the team also recognized the importance of immediate fan engagement. Thus, snippets of the cinema-grade footage were repurposed into social content, offering fans a premium viewing experience.
A once in a lifetime experience,
thank you to Social House for the opportunity and brotherhood, 
thank you to Ariana Grande for the incredible hospitality,
thank you to Scooter Braun for the creative trust,

- Parsa Ara, Founder 
Elegance Creative

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