Choice Valley Homes 

What we delivered
Video Production
Virtual Staging

Creative Team
Parsa Ara
Albert Lugh

In a challenging Merced, CA real estate market, Choice Valley Homes faced the task of making their listings stand out during their ongoing build. This case study spotlights our collaboration, where Elegance Creative's expert videos, photos, and virtual staging led to the swift sale of 7 units in just 3 months. Dive in to see how visual content can transform real estate sales outcomes

What We Crafted:
4 Distinctive Listing Videos
1 Comprehensive Hero Project Overview Video
A Curated Portfolio of 9 Photographed Homes 
Virtual Staging 

Project Overview Video
Choice Valley Homes set forth on an ambitious journey to develop over 100 homes in a prime Merced location. They envisioned more than just homes; they saw a thriving gated community, complete with serene parks and strategically positioned near UC Merced, making it an ideal haven for the next wave of students.
To bring this vision to life sweeping aerial views provided a broader perspective of the community's layout and potential. Importantly, we chose to film at two distinct phases of the development, ensuring we captured both the project's current state and its promising trajectory. Through our lens, we aimed to offer potential residents a glimpse into the future of what could be their next home or investment.

Professional photos capturing the homes were enhanced with a living feeling through virtual staging 
Why Videos Are Crucial for Early Phase Real Estate:
Virtual Tours: Especially relevant in today's digital age, virtual tours allow potential buyers to explore properties from the comfort of their homes. This is invaluable for out-of-town or international buyers.
Competitive Differentiation: In a market where most listings might still rely on photos and text, offering a high-quality video can set a property apart from the competition
Cost-Effective Marketing: While there's an initial investment in creating a video, it can be used across multiple platforms (website, social media, email campaigns) without recurring costs, offering a high return on investment.
Emotional Connection: Real estate is not just about structures; it's about future homes. Videos can evoke emotions, helping potential buyers connect with a space, envisioning their future lives there.

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